Electric Scooter 6inch Rollaway1 480W 23km / h Kickscooter foldable

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Item No.: HWC 3421
Manufacturer: electric-mobile
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Product Description

The Electric Scooter 6inch Rollaway1 480W 23km / h Foldable Kickscooter is a brand electric scooter.
The 6inch Rollaway 1 electric scooter brings driving pleasure into your life as you drive on a foldable 6 inch electric scooter. We produce and assemble this simply constructed model in our own factory. Thus, excellent quality is guaranteed.
The foldable electric scooter is fun and easy to use. Available in the colors: black, white, blue.
Safety is the most important factor, therefore the electric scooter is equipped with two separate braking systems, a front electronic brake and a mechanical protection system for the fenders. The operation is very easy to learn. You do not need training, you can drive independently in just 5 minutes with the electric scooter. The low speed 2 is suitable for people who have never driven an electric scooter before.
The patented simple folding system is immediately understandable - easy to handle - so it fits not only in every trunk, but can be carried with just 7,7kg everywhere by hand. With the front display you can monitor the speed, as well as the battery level. In addition, the scooter has a large front LED light, with which you can cruise at night. No matter where, whether in the subway, library, school, your business, the electric scooter Rollaway 1 is the best choice for commuting on the last mile.
  • 1 × scooter
  • 1 × charger
  • 1 × instructions
  • 1 × wrench
Please note that this electric balance board may not be used in the area of ​​STVO!

Charging an electric hooverboard is easy. Loading does not require additional equipment or installations. Bring your vehicle home, remove - if specified - the battery, connect the battery to your nearest outlet. Done! Just like you use your iPhone, just a little bit bigger.
* Battery maintenance & recharge advice:
The battery must be charged before storage for more than 30 days. If the battery is not used permanently, it must also be recharged at least every 30 days. Failure to follow this notice will void the warranty and battery performance

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Technical details
Folding dimension: 1000x367x159mm
Execution dimension: 1000x922x367mm
Packing dimension: 1050x185x240mm
Max. Payload: 120 kg
Net weight: 7,7 kg
Gross Weight: 10,5 kg
Height: 130 ~ 200 cm
Max. Speed: 23km / h
Range: 15km
Gradient: 12 °
Main material: aluminum frame + pedal
Working temperature: 0 ° to 40 °
Storage temperature: -10 ° to 45 °
Waterproof: Ip55
Battery Type: Lithium Symbol Battery
Capacity: 24 V, 5,2 Ah
Input voltage: 29,4 V
Motorcycle 6 inches
Rated power: 250w
Maximum performance: 480w
Charger Input Voltage: AC100-240V (50 ~ 60Hz)
Output voltage: 29.4V
Output current: 2.0Ah
Charging time: 3 hours