Driver's license & insurance for e-scooters, e-bikes and Citycoco

Basics: All electric scooters, e-scooters or Citycoco`s with a speed up to 45km / h need an insurance license plate and are subject to the helmet obligation.

A driving license - at least a moped test certificate - is compulsory for all electric vehicles from a speed of 6km / h.
When do I need a driver's license for my electric scooter? Which registrations and insurance are mandatory for me?

Which electric scooters / e-bikes and Citycoco require a driver's license?
E-scooters with an electric drive, which reach a speed of 45 km / h, belong to the light motorcycles. These are street legal electric scooters that require both a helmet and a driver's license.
This means that a driving license of class B (cars) or a moped driving license of the class AM, (from 16 years), is required. These e-scooters must not exceed a power of 4.000 watts. In towns electric scooters with street legalization are not allowed to use cycle lanes, but they are allowed outside of town.

E-scooter / street legal e-scooter
In addition to e-scooters without street legal, there are also scooters with motor support, which have a street legal. These are equipped with brakes on both wheels, with proper lighting and a bell.
These specifications are required by law in Germany if the electric scooter is to be driven on the road. At, these e-scooters can already be purchased with a valid operating permit (COC papers). This is mandatory, so you should pay attention when buying.
A driver's license is required whenever the selected model drives faster than 6 km / h. In this case, at least one moped test certificate is required.

What kind of insurance is required for an E-scooter / electric Citycoco with street legal approval?
For a Harley Citycoco street legal liability insurance is required, this is mandatory in Germany for all vehicles on public roads.
The cost of liability insurance varies between insurers - a comparison may be worthwhile. The insurance is confirmed by an insurance plate, which must be attached to the rear of the scooter. In addition, the insurance certificate should always be carried.

Attachment of the insurance mark

Excerpt: Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV)
Section 5
Monitoring the insurance coverage of vehicles
§ 27 design and affixing of the insurance license plate
(1) ... The border is the same color as the characters. Insurance marks can be sublime. They must not reflect and be neither covered nor dirty. The form, size and design of the insurance mark must comply with the model and the information in Annex 12.
(3) The insurance license plate must be affixed to the rear of the motor vehicle as far as possible under the tail light. The insurance mark may be tilted up to a vertical angle of 30 degrees in the direction of travel. The lower edge of the insurance mark must not be less than 200 mm above the carriageway. Insurance plates must be legible behind the motor vehicle at an angle of 45 degrees on both sides of the vehicle's longitudinal axis to a distance of at least 15 m ...

What else should be considered with the street legal electric scooter?
It is mandatory to wear a safety helmet if the electric scooter is faster than 20 km / h and this is the case with an electric Citycoco or street legal e-scooter. This in turn means that you can not drive on the sidewalk with an electric scooter with street legal.
Furthermore, one should observe a few safety rules that must be observed when driving an electric scooter, such as the - even during the day - switched lights. Even if so the battery additionally strained and the range is cut. Walkways are taboo for electric scooters with street legal. In addition, there is the mentioned helmet requirement for all e-scooters from 20 km / h upwards.

Conclusion: This checklist makes it clear that the guidelines should be taken seriously to properly use a street legal electric scooter. Failure to comply with applicable regulations and the legal situation can lead to severe penalties.