Electric car Injusa battery car Dark-Fire 2-seater 12V 117cm black

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Item No.: NLPE-415
Manufacturer: Injusa
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Product Description

The electric car Injusa battery car Dark-Fire 2-seater 12V 117cm black child car electrically operated is intended for children of 3-6 years.
The license electric car Injusa battery car Dark-Fire 2-seater 12V 117cm black has a remote control with about 100m range, the Elekto vehicle gives your child a real driving experience. The licensing model electric car Injusa battery car Dark-Fire 2-seater 12V 117cm black offers 2 opening doors, as well as a control either by remote control or accelerator pedal. The delivery is incl. Charger.
Please note that this electric car Injusa Battery Auto Dark-Fire is recommended for children between 36 and 72 months. Do not let your child use the vehicle without supervision and not without adequate protective clothing and, above all, never in traffic!

With the lever, your child can easily go forward and backward. And if you need help with steering, Dad or Mom can help you with the included remote. The vehicle is equipped with start and engine noise. The car continues with a dashboard, exterior mirrors, working LED headlights, clear windshield, accommodating a driver. This electrically powered electric car Injusa battery car Dark-Fire 2-Seater 12V 117cm black ensures that children have a lot of driving pleasure at an early age.
Charging a kids electric vehicle is easy. Loading does not require additional equipment or installations. Bring your vehicle home, remove the battery, connect the battery to your nearest outlet. Done! Just like you use your iPhone, just a little bit bigger.

Color: Black
Gender: Junior
Material: Plastic
Age: up to 6 years
Weight: 7 kg
Maximum load: up to 100 kg
Dimensions: 117 x 88 x 54 cm (L x W x H)
Top speed: 6 km / h
Voltage: 12V

1 car
1 battery
1 charger

* Battery maintenance & recharge advice:
The battery must be charged before storage for more than 30 days. If the battery is not used permanently, it must also be recharged at least every 30 days. Failure to follow this notice will void the warranty and battery performance.

Attention: Due to the lighting conditions in product photography and / or different screen settings, color deviations from the product may occur.

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