My electric vehicle has arrived - what's next?

My electric vehicle has arrived - what's next?

You have ordered an electric vehicle such as an e-bike, city coco or e-scooter from us, now is the big day of delivery. How does it go from here?

(We would like to use the example of our popular Harley Citycoco show the process of delivery until the registration example.Dabei may vary from vehicle to vehicle the details. Basically, however, the processes are similar in all the vehicles mentioned.)
Important: In any case, please note the description of the vehicle manufacturer for installation, commissioning, care, etc. We can only give you an excerpt of the assembly and commissioning here.
In any case, the instructions of the respective manufacturer are decisive! The binding manual is given to each vehicle and is included in the delivery.

1.Your electric vehicle is delivered by forwarding agency (mostly TNT). First of all, you will see a large cardboard box in front of which the vehicle is protected by an iron cage. Remove the outer carton. Then remove the boxes on the footboard with accessories such as charger, rear view mirror, footrests and tools. You yourself need a screwdriver (Phillips), wrench, div. Allen key, as well as a cutter or sharp knife.

Since these vehicles are delivered directly from the manufacturer or its external warehouse, it is unfortunately necessary that you carry out this work yourself, which would otherwise make your own local dealer for you. The effort is quite clear and should also give the Üngeübten no problems. You will max. Need 30 minutes for assembly.
Fig. 1 - Delivery of the Citycoco

2. Plan, as already written, for the assembly even as an untrained person about 30 minutes.
First, remove the outer carton and loosen the two middle vertical struts on one side of the cage.
Remove from the running board the parcels with the accessories as well as the necessary protective material.
Now the way is clear for the first steps of assembly:
First mount the kickstand on the left side.
Now cut through the attachment wires on the front and rear axles.
Then you can remove the Citycoco from the cage. He is now completely independent by means of the side stand.
Citycoco - preparation of the part assembly

Mounting citycoco backrest & footpegs
3. After removing your Citycoco from the cage, start assembling the handlebar. For this it is necessary to free this from all slides etc. First put the handlebar on the steering column and tighten the fastening screws.
Next you should adjust the handlebars to your needs and then tighten the screws (please note that your arms should always remain a little bent).
Then you can attach the rearview mirrors to the handlebars. Screw them into the provided threaded holes and then lock the mirrors with the existing nuts.
The assembly of the front turn signals or their orientation can now also be done. (For reasons of transport security, the front turn signals are pointing forwards and downwards.
Mounting handlebar and mirror Citycoco
Mounting the front turn signals - Citycoco
4. Now 2 seats can be fitted with the backrest and pillion footpegs. Of course, with single-seaters this step is not necessary. Here too you will find all the necessary parts in the enclosed bags or boxes.
Mounting backrest foot rates at Citycoco

5. After checking the bolting of the axles as well as brakes for strength, your Citycoco is almost ready to drive ahead of you.
Now connect the battery to the vehicle by means of the plug (located below the seat) and check the electrical functions, such as light, indicators, displays, speedometer, as well as the acoustic signals at the turn signals and the horn.
You will receive with your Citycoco 2x ignition key, 2x battery key (for safe removal / attachment of your standard battery or for upgrades also the additional battery below the footboard.) Also check the functions of the Remote Control.
Citycoco key set for ignition & battery
6. Now read the vehicle identification number from the right side of the rear wheel and make a note of it. Send us this by email to This number should look something like this:
Your vehicle identification number Citycoco

7. You will receive a copy of your COC papers within 24 hours. You can already apply for an insurance number from your trusted insurer. Your insurer on the spot almost always has a few license plates ready, so that nothing is in the way of driving pleasure.
Alternatively it is also possible to apply for the insurance ID online. We have had good experiences with HUK Coburg in this regard.
The original papers will then be sent to you by mail.

EEC COC documentation for your vehicle

Important: For all electric scooters, e-bikes over 45km / h final speed or an electric car, you must of course go with your COC papers to the vehicle registration office to allow your vehicle. For direct imports from China, the COC papers are already included in the delivery.