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When you visit our website, you obviously care about eco-friendly, cost-effective mobility. We are pleased because e-mobility is enjoying increasing popularity in public and private space. What began as a fun car and recreational fun has long since become a serious competitor to conventional road traffic. Worldwide, millions of electric vehicles from e-scooters to e-bikes and e-cars are sold - also approved for road use. electric-mobiles would like to show you that in addition to the private use of electric utility vehicles, the use of electric commercial vehicles is possible and useful. Whether it is pure show vehicles for recreational parks, hotel complexes or private residential areas, or to electrically powered commercial vehicles, such as dump trucks, vans, emergency vehicles and other electric-mobile pleased you TÜV-tested vehicles from well-known manufacturers To be able to offer. From electric UV, electric bicycles, electric children's vehicles, quads, e-scooters, golf carts, electric vintage cars to electric ATVs in our range, you will find a large selection of electric utility vehicles.

Of course, this always includes the right accessories, spare parts or upgrades. Many of these Electro Mobile have an EU-wide road approval with EEC certificate - but all have a CE * -certificate, as well as a corresponding TÜV Süd certificate according to EN61000-6-1: 2007, EN61000-6-3 / A1: 2011 ,

By the way, you knew:
  • that over 90% of the failure-susceptible or maintenance-intensive components of a conventional vehicle can not be found in an e-mobile?
  • that you can "refuel" your e-mobile whenever you do not need it - at night?
  • that the "fuel costs" for e-mobiles are only about 0,50 - 0,68 € per 100km?
  • That e-mobility has been common practice at Golf Carts for many years - so it has been tried and tested?
  • that the so-called "range anxiety" is unfounded, because now you can turn EVERY power outlet into a "gas station"?
  • that there are more outlets worldwide than gas stations?
  • that the first electric automobile already 1890 was built by the American William Morrison as the first success model. The carriage-like vehicle was powered by an 2,5-PS electric motor powered by eight batteries under the seats.
But enough of economy and environmental awareness Driving e-vehicles is simply a pleasure. Almost noiseless glide there, no switching, no waiting at gas stations only pure driving pleasure. And let's be honest - these cars are real eye-catchers anyway.

Notice: * The CE marking was created under current EU law to ensure safe products for end users. The CE certificate is not a seal of quality, but proves that products comply with the EU regulation 765 / 2008 and may be traded and used within the EU! electric-mobiles.com these certificates are available.