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Elektro Mobile for private, commercial and industrial use

electric-mobile Citycoco Top quality fair priceElectric vehicles for the private or fun sector are increasingly conquering our cities. Electric scooters, electric bikes and e-scooters are not only very quiet, environmentally friendly because exhaust-free, but also cheap in operation. Many municipalities have long been promoting the purchase of e-mobility. Electric scooters or e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular with city dwellers.
Even if demand in Germany is far from being so high, as in Norway and France for example, interest in this modern transportation technology is also increasing in Germany.
China, along with Tesla, is the absolute leader in the production of electric vehicles of all kinds - from the Balance Board to the taxi or bus fleet - in China, innovation has been focused on electromobility for many years and has been massively promoted by the state.

But also in the commercial sector has done a lot in recent years, which has led to a rethinking of companies. Energy-saving LED luminaires have long since taken their place in European companies, too. In the commercial sector, for example, electric utility vehicles are increasingly being introduced. What was once a matter of course for Golf Carts meanwhile provides for trailer vehicles, UVs (Utility Vehicles) for savings in operating costs / maintenance as well as greater flexibility in range and areas of application.

Our partner companies are among the most innovative technological companies in China's automotive industry. Already since 2001, some of these companies have built and continuously developed a wide range of unique models for electric cars, electric vintage cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and quads. Highly qualified personnel, advanced technical equipment (partly from Europe and USA) as well as the scientific equipment of these companies are decisive for the current state of development. Currently, electric vehicles meet the standards set for Europe and the United States. Almost all vehicles from our portfolio have long been issued with the CE mark and a valid TÜV SÜD certification according to EN61000-6-1: 2007, EN61000-6-3 / A1: 2011 up to the Europe-wide EEC road approval (EU area) for their vehicles , Thanks to the close cooperation with our Chinese partner companies, we can offer you reliable and durable vehicles that have been in operation hundreds of thousands of times around the world and perform their service reliably.
Safely packed and delivered quicklyEven in after-sale, our partners prove to be reliable. All spare parts, accessories, etc. can be delivered within a short time by Fedex, UPS. The aim of the affiliate companies and electric-mobiles.com is to be perceived as a professional, responsible and reliable company by offering our customers first-class new products and best service.

After years of development, the brands of our manufacturer partners in the field of electric cars, electric utility vehicles, as well as e-bikes and e-scooters are known not only for their high quality standards, but also for unique designs and unusual ideas (electric vintage cars, electric cars). UVs, electric quads, etc.) have become known. In addition to the domestic market, their products are sufficiently popular in many regions of the world and enjoy great acceptance. Most of the models offered here are ISO certified, have received the CCC certificate, EEC certificate and DOT certificate and others.

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